A professional association of industry representatives that has been the voice of Alberta’s Pressure Equipment Industry since 1987

What We Do

Since 1987, the APVMA has accomplished a great deal in both defending and developing the pressure vessel manufacturing and heat exchanger industry in Alberta, including:

Lobbied successfully (in 1992, 1997, 2003, and again in 2014) against major Canadian steel producers who sought tariffs of up to 70% on steel products that they could not produce in Canada but were vital to the manufacture of pressure vessels and heat exchangers. (More than $125,000 invested by APVMA members in direct legal costs!)

Formed the Metal Fabricating Health & Safety Association which became the Manufacturers’ Health & Safety Association.

Actively participated in the formation of the Manufacturers’ Health & Safety Association and the Alberta Boilers Safety Association.

Made representations regarding the successful elimination of the Machinery and Equipment Tax.

Reviewed, on three different occasions, the specifications of major oil company projects with the result of reducing their costs so that work could be retained in Alberta.

Appointed to influential bodies including the Manufacturer’s Health & Safety Association; the Alberta Boilers Safety Association; the Boilers and Pressure Vessels Technical Council; the Canadian Steel Partnership Council; the Industry Task Force on Workers’ Compensation; and the B51 Committee of the Canadian Standards Association.

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