A professional association of industry representatives that has been the voice of Alberta’s Pressure Equipment Industry since 1987


“Edmonton Exchanger appreciates being part of a group that represents our industry. We appreciate having meetings where we get updates on the status of the industry and what is happening at the various governing bodies. It gives us the opportunity to get a better understanding of the challenges we face collectively.” Larry Gusse, President

“At Dacro we find value in discussing industry topics that affect all Alberta pressure vessel fabricators and in making connections with representatives from companies in the same industry. We also find value in advocating as a group for the joint interests of Alberta pressure vessel fabricators.” Brian Purnell, President

“Exchanger Industries Ltd is proud to be a founding member of the APVMA. As a reputable and long standing organization, the APVMA provides a forum for collaborating with industry peers, government and regulatory bodies to promote the growth of our industry. Participating in the membership has helped us tackle emerging issues in industry and allowed us to participate in a variety of committees to address the needs of our industry and promote the safe and efficient manufacturing of custom heat exchanger manufacturing in Canada.” Gavin Exon, P.Eng, Vice President, Operations

“Altex Industries receives value in APVMA membership via: 1. The ability to interact directly with ABSA on upcoming ASME code changes or other regulatory issues. 2. Having access to and updates from industry groups like the ITF and MHSA. 3. Defending our industry from bad regulations, tariffs and other impacts caused by governments or groups that are generally ignorant of their impacts. 4. Fostering friendship and co-operation within our competitive industry.” Cal Kveder, P.Eng, Vice President, Commercial Operations

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